Of Patience and Pride

September greeted me with Real Madrid losing against Real Sociedad. Bummer, yeah. I did not intend to watch Football. But since I woke up at dawn for no apparent reason and boredom couldn't lull me back to sleep, I decided to watch a football match instead.
I guess, you really can't go to war wearing pink. LOL.
Image credits to Real Madrid's Official page
The loss isn't tragic enough to make me dread the rest of September. I still have Barca to root for anyway.

Oh September. The first of the "ber" months just started and it's no surprise if I start hearing Christmas jingles again. Well, September used to be my favorite month. But I guess it will still be my favorite, for a different reason this time. September marks the biggest turning point of my life. September (and the months that follow) last year was the time when I made the most crucial and hardest decision in my entire life. It was rough. It wasn't easy. It never really is. But I got out of it alive, in one piece, although not unscathed and just barely breathing.
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Blogger Tricks

Random Thoughts on Dancing

I'm letting my mind drift again. I am thinking and imagining a lot of things. Random things like where would I run if I suddenly see a fighter plane shooting and bombing random buildings on my right. Or pondering over Marian Rivera's beauty and drown myself in the sentiment that the world is so unfair. Haha.

I think I should stop looking outside. The window from my desk is a huge distraction. Huge but beautiful distraction.

I don't have a task right now and I've been spending my precious working hours trying to figure out what else can I do aside from researching-just-for-research-sake-because-i-have-nothing-else-to-do-kind-of-task. I am bored. Hence, time is running painfully slow. But who am I to complain? I get paid for this anyway.
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Life is A Beach

For a beach bum like me, what's not to love living in Davao when after a stressful week at work and you feel like chilling by the beach on weekend, you just cross the sea and in a few minutes, bam! You're there.

I'm a sucker for beaches and everything else that comes with it. I remember the time when I was still a kid, I am always the first one to dip and last to get out of the water. No wonder I have this really toasted skin. I love the beach so much that almost everything I dreamed of has something to do with the beach. 

Now you should know how hard it is for me that everyday I see the beautiful view of the sea and I can hear the waves rolling but I have to suffer, fighting the urge not to daydream about it so I can focus on my work instead. (sigh)
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On and On with Jack Johnson

If there's one artist that I can listen to infinitely, that would be Jack Johnson. I could go on doing nothing but listen to him in an indefinite time span. I wouldn't say that his songs are catchy. I define "catchy" as songs that have this one line nonsense lyrics that you sing on repeat and it goes on an infinite loop in your head. Jack Johnson, however, is far from that. His songs go straight to your heart and you fall in love with it.

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Too Much Ado About Nothing

The recent Kadayawan festival was a blast. Not for all DavaoeƱos though, especially after Ramon Bautista made a remark "madaming hipon sa Davao". Which provoked the ire of some public officials and stirred netizens to rage.

Okay, I understand where all that hate is coming from. I get it, that was offensive. But if we were to look at it the other way, it shouldn't affect us, right? I mean, why do we allow people to demean or belittle us? Because just by reacting to that, we are just validating his claims. If it isn't true and we know for ourselves that it isn't true, then we can just brush it off our shoulders and move on. We know better. If we haven't made a big fuss out of it, the issue would have died down before Bautista could step down the stage.
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Live to write, not write to live

I am on a roll. I've been writing daily for a week now. This has never happened before. Except during the time when I was all hyped up to take the 100 Happy Days Challengethat I have to force myself to write daily. Didn't survive though, not even halfway to it.

This time, it's different. Nothing is forced. Words just kept flowing spontaneously that I can write just about anything even the mundane and the ordinary. It feels like I can make a tsunami from a single drop of water. And I am creating a wave after wave after wave.

Now that I'm on to this, I backtracked my old blogs and old posts. Reading them again was surprisingly fun with an occasional raising of the eyebrow. "Did I really write this? I could have written it better than that."
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